IIFM- Indian Institute for Finance & Management

Rules & Regulations

1. General Information

    # Admission

       On the basis of clearing eligibility criteria and paying the admission fee a person is admitted  to a  particular  course offer by IIFM.

2. Registration & Admission

     # Cancellation of registration

             i)       Registration is valid only for a period of  Three month. In one month duration if the student  is not taking admission than his/her registration will be

                      cancelled and the amount deposited will be forfeited.

            ii)      However candidates unable to join for any specific reason need to get prior approval from the centre head.

     # Cancellation of  Admission

            i)       Any students who misbehaves, uses abusive language, becomes arrogant or is found doing fraudulent activities etc. His/her admission will be

                      immediately cancelled.

           ii)      A students who does not pay’s His/ Her fees up to three weeks from the due date his/her admission will  get cancelled.

          iii)      A student who continuously remains absent for three weeks without prior permission his/her admission will get cancelled.

        iv)        IIFM reserves the right to demand compensation on any of its assets deliberately damage by a  student.

    # Re - Admission

            i)       A student whose admission is being cancelled can take re-admission by paying Rs.5000 as re-admission fees. However granting re-admission to any

                     students is at the sole discretion of the Centre head.

 3. Identity Card

     # After admission every student is issued an identity card

     # An identity card is only valid if -

          i)    It is in validity period.

         ii)    Carries name, address and photo graph of the candidate and is sign and seal by a IIFM official.     

    # A student is required to always keep his id card whenever he is in the institute.

 4. Fees details

     # Total Fee structure

           i)     Any candidate registering for any course in IIFM has the option of paying the fees either fully or in installment. In case of the full payment the total

                  fees should be paid before the batch start date.

          ii)    All fees are payable by cash and locally drawn Cheque and demand drafts. Postdated Cheque and out station Cheque will not accepted.

         iii)     The fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

         iv)     Batch transfer are not permitted. In specific cases if allowed the student will be required to pay the requisite charges.

      # Fines

          i)    Installment Fees should be paid on or before 10th day of the Calendar Month failing which a penalty of Rs.20, per day would be charged along with

                 the fees due and non-payment of  the same till 17th day of that particular month would lead to suspension of classes. Still if  payment along with

                 penalty is not done by 30th or 31st of the month (totally penalty charged for 20 or 21 days), then it would lead to dropout and the student would have

                 to take READMISSION by paying Rs.2000. Should the grace period end on a holiday, all payments must be made by the previous working day .

         ii)    Rs.750/- will be charged extra if cheque for fee installment is bounced.

 5. Attendance

              Every student is expected to maintain 100% attendance record to get full benefit of the course.  However minimum 90% attendance should be 

              maintained at any cost.

 6. Lab Access

            i)    Students should not copy or take any software with them.

           ii)    Misuse of internet facility is not allowed, unnecessary chatting, Facebook, downloading of software / songs, viewing illicit sites etc. is strictly


 7. Leaves

             Any students going for leave must fill the given leave from and submit to their respective faculty. Students  who take leave without proper information

            or leave application will be penalized with Rs.50/- per class.

 8. Placement Support

           # Placement guarantee is available for all the students after the completion of  IIFM’s courses.

               These  students should have     

                  i)   Complete graduation.

                 ii)   Deposited all the installments on time.

                iii)   Cleared all the Modules Exam / Assignments / Projects.

                iv)   Students must have at least 90% of attendance

                v)    Students who has not absented himself from any Placement / Pre placement activities.

                vi)    Student should certify that the document submitted by him/her are original and to the best of  his/her knowledge.

                vii)   The institute reserve the right to cancel admission/placement if student fail to submit relevant documents.

               viii)    In the event of any disputes between the parties, which are not covered by the arbitration clause, the courts of Guwahati shall have exclusive