Indian Institute for Finance & Management

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IIFM students possess several definite characteristics. While they are interested in study and the pursuit of an educational goal, they are part of a cosmopolitan group, living and learning with students from varying sections of the country with different backgrounds and ideas. All of this provides yet another aspect of the total educational environment at the Institute. IIFM students are involved with and able to participate in any number of special activities outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities are an important facet of campus life.

The institution administration believes that diversified activities are necessary to a complete and well-rounded education. The spirit of the administration, therefore, is one of encouragement, with a view to making each activity contribute its utmost toward the growth of the complete individual. In general, all students at IIFM are looked upon as having the integrity, concern, interest and responsibility to conduct themselves as mature & responsible citizen of India, with due regard for the feelings and rights of others.