IIFM- Indian Institute for Finance & Management

IIFM-CFA ( Certified Financial Accountant )

         Module 1: Computer Application in Business

                   Introduction of Computer Hardware & Networking, Computer Fundamental ,Operating System Win7

                   MS Office Word, Excel, Power Point (2013,2016) Internet, Email, Outlook Express, E-Commerce

Module 2:  Financial Accounting

                   Accounting Concept, Journal. Ledger, Cash book, Trial Balance, BRS, Depreciation, Rectification of

                   Errors, Inventory, Final Accounts.

Module 3: Accounting Software (3 FA Packages)

                   Online Finalizations of accounts on Tally ERP9.6.4, ACE9, Marg ERP , Overview on SAP.

Module : 4 Taxation

                    Direct Taxes :  Income Tax  &  Wealth  Tax  Basic  concept,  Computation  of  Income Tax, Preparation of  

                     ITR  1,2,3,4,5,6,7   Project  on   E-payment  /   E-filing  Assignment  on  Tax  Planning.  TDS   Return

                    Goods & Services Tax : Goods and Services Tax (GST) : Basic concept of GST, Levy & Collection  of  Tax,

                    Time & Place  of supply, Valuation, Input  Tax  Credit,  Payment of  Tax Returns, General Procedures,

                    Practice  on GSTN, Project on GST. IGST Definitions, Levy & Collection of Tax, Zero Rated Supply, 

                    Transaction Provisions. GST Compensation Bill Definition, Base year Revenue, Projected Revenue,

                    Calculation and release of compensation.  

 Module : 5  Advance Tally. ERP

                      Security Control, Back-up   &   Restore ,Generation of  returns   GST,  TDS,  PF,  ESI,  Bills   of  Materials, 
                      Manufacturing  Journals,  Advanced  Journal  Entry, Challan   entry,  Payroll,  Payroll   Report,  Attendance 
                      Report, Gratuity & ESI  Report,  Overtime  Calculation

Module : 6  Banking

                      Fundamental of Banking in India, Interest Calculation Types of Accounts, Types of Loan, Loan Over

                      Draft, Cash Credit, Term Loan, Consumer Loan, Housing Loan, Car Loan, Preparation of Loan Project,

                      Financial Planning, Banking Instrument & Documents, Capital Budgeting,  Net  banking,  Debit  Card,

                      Credit Card, NEFT, RTGS.

Module :  7 Share Market NSE & BSE

                      Concept of Share Market, Stock Exchange, Clearing & Settlement Date, Online Share Trading , Future &

                      option,  Commodity   Market,  Derivative  Market,  Mutual  Funds,  IPO   Technical  Analysis, Currency

                      Future, Discussion on Financial Newspaper , Journal, Macro Economics, Demat.

Module : 8  Insurance Planning

                      Insurance sector basics, Types of Insurance, Legal Principal of Insurance, Personal property & liability

                      Insurance, Life Insurance Policy Analysis, Annuities, Medical Insurance Business Insurance, Govt.

                       Regulation of Insurance IRDA

Module : 9  Corporate, Industrial, Company & Labour Law

                      Statutory Provision of  Companies  Act 1956   regarding  Company  Incorporation,  Board  of  Director,

                      Provident   Fund  Act,  Bonus Act, Gratuity  Act,  ESI  ACT,  ESI  Form  filling,  Nature  of  Classes  of

                      company, Share  Capital, Computerized preparation of  forms and  return using  MCA21 Filling of ROC

                      forms, Partnership Deed, Power of Attorney,  Lease Deed, Affidavit, Memorandum and Article of  

                      Association, Indemnity Bond, Software covered MCA21.

Module : 10 Inventory & Logistic Management Technique

                      Meaning  of  Inventory,  Concept  of  Inventory  Management,  Stock  Calculation, Minimum  Level,

                      Maximum  Level,  Reorder  Level, Material  Supply,  Packaging,  Transportation,  Import  and  Export

                      procedure & documentation, Payment of duty.

Module : 11  Business Communication & Auditing  Banking

                      Correspondence, Business Correspondence, Business Report , Email Correspondence. Type of Audit,

                      Statutory audit, Internal audit, Verification of Ledger Scrutiny, Fraud & Error,  Vouching  and  auditing

Module : 12 Spoken English & Personality Development

                     Spoken  English, Resume  writing, Group  Discussion, Self - Introduction,  Interview  Technique,  work

                     place Etiquette.